Who we are
A company outline

Since 1956 Pubblitalia has been the publicity agent of the best local newspapers in Piedmont. A position in part supported by its vocation for innovation in both the communication and the technological fields. We have always prized the synergy between technology and communication science. Thanks to our indepth knowledge of local markets aided by sophisticated technological means, today Pubblitalia is able to offer companies the quickest means of communication through local newspapers and radio with the maximum distribution and the highest quality of the required message. After almost fifty years of work , the renovated palace in via Corte d’Appello in Casale Monferrato immediately gives the client the feeling of innovation with its intensive use of a mixed computer network, rapid planning service, product consultancy service,very fast high quality graphic and computer graphic service. Pubblitalia assures all its clients a complete service from plannning through to publication or radio announcement.